The Perfect Travelling Companion?

The Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard is the simple, safe and cost-effective way to manage your spending money whilst abroad.

No fees to pay on purchase plus Free International ATM withdrawals from over 2.1 million cash points worldwide (NB ATM fee is refunded if withdrawing £100 or more. However, you may be subject to applicable fees, surcharge rules and regulations of the relevant ATM operator.

  • Spend unused money in the UK without having to convert back again
  • FREE to purchase – minimum first load of £100
  • 24/7 lost and stolen helpline
  • Option to add an additional card enabling you to share money with your travelling companions
  • Re-use the card for future holidays – valid for 3 years

Anyone can apply for an Escape Travel Card. Before you travel load it with money and it can be used anywhere in the world† – wherever MasterCard® is accepted. It is safer than carrying cash and easier and more convenient than traveller’s cheques.

Another great benefit of using the Escape Travel Card is that you guard yourself against fraud as it contains no links to personal or bank information, and with the ability to text to temporarily lock/unlock your card you can be assured of peace of mind if you’re going for a swim and leaving your card in your bag for example.

All transactions are Chip and PIN protected for extra security.

Simply load your Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard® Card with sterling, use your card in any country and the currency conversion will take place at the time of the transaction. This is done automatically for you.

  • Topping up with your debit card is FREE.
  • To top up your Escape Travel Card using your debit/credit card, simply log in to your Escape account online, select the ‘Top Up’ tab and register your debit card. Your first load will be available within 3 working days, subsequent loads made with the same card will be available instantly.
  • You can Top-up your Escape Travel Card by transferring funds from any bank account for FREE.
  • Load your Escape Travel Money Card with cash at over 12,000 Post Office branches nationwide. Loading costs £1. Simply hand your card to the assistant along with the money you wish to load with to the cashier and they will provide you with a receipt. Funds loaded at the Post Office will be available within 4 working days. The maximum single load amount is £250.
  • You can top-up with cash instantly at over 26,000 PayPoint locations throughout the UK. Hand your Escape Travel Card to the assistant, together with the cash you wish to top-up, to the shop attendant who will swipe your card and hand you a receipt, which we recommend that you keep for your records. Your funds will be instantly credited. Funds loaded at PayPoint locations will be available instantly. The maximum load amount at PayPoint outlets is £250. A 3% charge applies.

To get your Escape Travel Card – click here

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