I don’t know how I missed World Chocolate Day yesterday (7 July)!! Here’s a few chocolate related travel things for you to make up for it.

Did you know that the chocolate used by Hotel Chocolat comes from their own plantation in St Lucia? Yet another reason to visit this stunning tropical island. Call or message me to arrange your next St Lucian escape.

A massage is a good idea when you’re stressed, but a chocolate massage? Apparently its very good for your skin, probably better for you on the outside than the inside TBH. You can get a chocolate massage at various spas in the UK, but surely its better when you’re on holiday? Obviously, you can have a chocolate massage in St Lucia, but also in Costa Rica, another cocoa producing country. The Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania not only shares its name with the ubiquitous American chocolate but also has a spa where you can get a range of chocolate themed treatments. Call or message me to book your next tasty spa holiday!

Finally consider where your chocolate comes from. Buying Fairtrade chocolate means that the farmers who grow the cocoa get a fair price for their produce.

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