2024 – fill your bucket list!

In 2024, I’m encouraging everyone to follow their holiday dreams, travel somewhere new or travel to somewhere on your bucket list. I’ve created some leaflets to help you with your list – these are flexible, and can be added to over time. So to start you off, here’s a selection of what’s on my list (there’s lots more, I’m looking forward to lots of travels over the next few years). Some I’ve already done, but want to visit again. Don’t just think “where”, think “why”

Americas and Caribbean – I want to see polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Drive Route 66 again (taking longer this time). Finish visiting every state in the USA – have got around 15 or so still to visit. Meet penguins in Southern countries. Wine tasting in Chile. Go to Hawaii, especially Honolulu (ever since the first series of Hawaii 5-0!). Visit some Pacific islands – I had penpals there when a teenager.

This sign is at the start of the iconic Route 66

Europe/Africa/Middle East – Petra in Jordan. Sail into Monaco on a luxury yacht. See the Northern Lights (again). Meet penguins in South Africa. Go to my favourite bookshop in Paris.

The breathtaking Northern Lighs

Asia/Australasia – explore the Silk Road – places like Samarkand sound so exotic. Ride the bullet train in Japan.  Sail along the Mekong River. Meet penguins in Australia (if I put if down on several lists, it’s more likely to happen LOL)


The leaflets are aimed at making you think about where you want to travel, what experiences you want to have and why you should do them.

Don’t leave your bucket list until you retire – do it while you’re fit enough to ride those zip lines, swim with turtles and sandboard in the desert!

What’s on yours? https://mailchi.mp/6c67eef3d32d/holiday-wish-list…


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