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Got back last week from 4 days in Barcelona with John and the kids.  Had a fantastic time but didn’t do everything we wanted so I’m afraid we’ll have to go back again! 

We flew with Easyjet from Gatwick – on time flight, but very full so its obviously a popular route for them (it was full and on time on the way back as well).  Once we’d collected our luggage – again not a long wait, we picked up the tourist cards we prebooked from the Tourist Office in the arrivals hall.   These gave us inclusive public transport plus a load of discounts in some restaurants, shops and attractions.  Very useful and we think we used them well!  The train from the airport – not much room, again very busy – I think someone told me it runs every 30 minutes.  My son was not impressed by the 2 French guys he was sitting with, who sang most of the way in!  They weren’t noisy – just enjoying the start of their holiday.  We found there were lots of French people in Barcelona, I guess it is popular being so close to the border.  The architecture in the city (apart from any Gaudi buildings, that is!) reminded me of French city architecture.  Which came first?

I’d read it was expensive – well, only if you have a beer on La Rambla which we did on the first night.  Otherwise – find a cafe selling tapas and on the whole, you’ll find it reasonable. 

I’d read it was full of pickpockets – since nearly getting caught in Paris once, I follow the family watching their backs (why me??) but I saw no signs of trouble.  Some beggars, but you’ll get that in any big city.  In fact we all felt very safe.

I’ll try and upload some photos and share my highlights with you in the next couple of days.

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