I’ve been thinking a lot about bucket lists recently.  Realising that a bucket list isn’t just for those people in their 60s (and later) means that this opens the world to everyone in a way!

We all know that if a business plan isn’t written down, then it doesn’t exist.  So it’s the same with a bucket list – if you don’t verbalise it and then write it down, then you’re less likely to do it.  But what to put on a list and where to leave it?

There are loads of websites you can visit to record your list, no point in repeating them here – have a look at http://larakrupicka.com/bucketlistwebsites/  You can also pin pictures of your dream destinations at Pinterest and get ideas.  The trouble is, once you start thinking and looking for destinations to add to your bucket list, you’ll get easily distracted and the list will group enormously!!  Not necessarily a bad thing though.

So what should be on the list?  You should always have a destination/experience in mind if your numbers come up on the lottery.  But equally, not everything has to be this big.  You’ll have to have some easily achievable items, it’s very satisfying ticking items off.  Think about experiences as well as destinations.  Films that have inspired you – do you want to ride off into the sunset like John Wayne, ride a scooter round Rome like Audrey Hepburn, visit South Africa to see Mandela’s history, and so on.  TV is a great source for inspiration – lots of people wanted to see the Northern Lights after Joanna Lumley showcased them, Sue Perkins started a trip along the Mekong river in Cambodia recently.  Entries on your list must make your heart skip a beat when you think about them!

What about your hobbies and interests – gardening – there are some beautiful gardens and plants to see all over the world, museums – the list of museums to visit is almost endless, music – follow your favourite band or artist to a new concert venue, cooking (or just enjoying food) – learn to cook from a local expert.

Research your destination – Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet guides are great sources of information, as are brochures from your travel agent (but please don’t just use us as a source of information)

If you’re stuck on where to start, just give me a call.  I’d love to help you build your list and then even better, I’d love to help you tick off items on it!!

Part of my own bucket list achieved last year!
Part of my own bucket list achieved last year!

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