There a lot of myths and rumours about this.  It is a serious issue, but there are a lot of questions being asked and some extreme reactions which aren’t necessary.

Can I still travel on holiday?  Yes, of course you can.  The Foreign Office has issued some travel advisories, which you can see on this link –  You can still travel to South Korea and Italy but not to certain areas.  However, the government is advising against all but essential travel to mainland China.  Everywhere else is fine if you observe local advice and keep an eye on the news.  It shouldn’t stop you enjoying your holiday.

What happens if the UK Government advise us not to travel to a particular destination?  Your travel provider will contact you.  They will discuss your options with you and there may be several options open – from changing dates or destination to a refund.

Will my insurance cover me?  The Association of British Insurers has issued some advice –  I would advise anyone to ensure they have travel insurance in place as soon as they book a holiday.  If you travel more than a couple of times a year, then an annual policy can be more cost-effective.

Should I wear a face mask?  No.  There is no evidence that they are effective.  You must change paper masks frequently as they get damp form breathing and sweat

How can I protect myself?  Wash your hands frequently.  Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.  Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose – as your hands can transfer viruses and germs.

What will happen if I become infected?  Contact NHS 111 immediately or if you are overseas, contact local health authorities by phone to check what to do.  Most people will have mild symptoms (cough, high temperature) and will recover.  Some may become more seriously ill, but usually they will have had some underlying health issues already.

All the above is advice from the World Health Organisation and from the NHS.  I’m not a medical expert but I feel their advice is sound and should be followed.

In the meantime, stop worrying about this and enjoy your holidays.


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