You can’t miss this – it’s all over the news channels and all anyone seems to be talking about online.

Update 23 March – It’s best to keep an eye on the news in this rapidly changing situation.

How is this affecting the travel industry and what are we doing about it?  It’s affecting us badly – restrictions on flights to certain destinations and the anticipation of more restrictions, countries like Italy on lockdown and the anticipation of more to follow – all is resulting in lowered numbers of bookings and cancellations/refunds.  This means that many agencies and tour operators will struggle over the next few months.  This isn’t about profit and greed as some media outlets have reported, it’s about struggling to pay the bills.

My advice – Diamond Travel intends to weather this storm, like we’ve weathered other storms in the past but obviously we hope for a resolution soon.  Tour operators are being very flexible at the moment and offering changes and refunds to affected destinations, but we’re hoping this will be a temporary measure.  It really depends on each supplier about how they are handling this crisis.

If you’ve booked with us for a departure before the end of May 2020, I will already have emailed you about your trip.  For later dates, I will be in touch soon.

In the meantime, now is a really good time to think about your next trip.  Many of my suppliers are booking into 2021 and some even in to 2022, so a good time to plan a big trip especially as we can take instalment payments.  So think about what you’ve always wanted to do – see a F1 race overseas, hike to Machu Picchu, whale watch, safari, travel on the Orient Express and so on.  Then message me and I’ll help you plan it, book it and do it.

Just take care, everyone and hope I can book you to somewhere again soon


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