Do you think river cruising is for you?  You may think it’s just for older, less mobile holidaymakers.  However that isn’t always true.  Some river cruises are aimed at older people, others at active holidaymakers and others at a younger market.  You just have to find the cruise that’s right for you, which is where I can help you.

No matter where you travel – you sail slowly along the river, time to relax with a book, talk to other travellers on-board or just watch the countryside slip past.

Decide firstly where you want to visit.  Europe has rivers that pass by iconic cities such as Paris, Lyon, Cologne, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna ….. You can sail from the North Sea to the Black Sea without setting foot on land, although you’d miss out on some sightseeing!

Further afield, you can cruise the Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia or the Irrawaddy in Myanmar/Burma.  Visit temples and cities, exploring ancient cultures.  In Russia, cruise between the iconic cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.  India’s major river is the Ganges and is navigable for part of the route, a different way to explore this huge country.


In Africa, the Nile is very popular for river cruising but there are other rivers that you may not have considered.  Enjoy a safari on the Chobe River in Namibia as part of a longer holiday exploring Southern Africa.

Across the Atlantic, you can sail along the St Lawrence River in Canada and the Mississippi in the USA.  Even longer than the Mississippi is the Amazon which you can sail from its origins in Peru, plus then explore the wider Amazon basin in Brazil (on separate trips).

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