We all like to have choices but sometimes, too much choice is just confusing and counter-productive.  Take the task of booking a holiday.  Just Google “Holidays to Florida 2016” and you’ll get over 3 million results.  Which is the best?  The company who has paid lots to be at the top of the list and just wants loads of bookings, without needing to talk to the person booking?  Or the company who isn’t at the top of the listings but who takes the time to talk through all the choices (not 3 million of them however!!) and suggest a few options for them to consider.  These options will also include accommodation suggestions based on our conversation, flight times to suit you and car hire to fit your family.  Plus loads of suggestions of what to do in Florida, apart from Disney and Universal Studios.

Where can you get this superb service?  From an independent travel agent like me, of course!!  And it’s not just for Florida.  Online gives so many choices, people often come to me confused about what companies to trust.  We only deal with tried and tested suppliers, ones we’ve dealt with for years or ones that our Head Office has checked out thoroughly before adding them to our approved list.

Your money is safe here, all funds are paid into a secure client account which is used to pay our holiday suppliers.

The Guardian published an article about choice today, agreeing with this.  Showing that Tesco offered 28 tomato ketchups whereas Aldi has just one – and who is gaining more customers?  Aldi.  Less choice doesn’t mean lower quality – it just means that you don’t have to wade through lots of companies offering you the same holiday.

It saves you time and will often save you money, booking with a travel agent.  We’ve done the training, trawled through the brochures – both paper and online, read the online reviews and tourist board write-ups – just to get you the holiday you need and deserve.

Diamond Travel is an independent travel agent, based in Farnborough, Hampshire.  We act as The Global Travel Group Ltd in connection with the sale of travel products.  Unless specified as the operator, The Global Travel Group is the agent of ATOL Protected Tour Operators and other principals.  Our agency reference is S0466

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