The Air Transport Users Council (AUC) published their annual report today which shows they had 11% more complaints than last year.   Over 12000 complaints – mainly about delays, cancellations and baggage issues.   It seems a lot of the other complaints arise form online booking with the subsequent errors that can happen when typing.  Fares might be cheaper online but if you type your name incorrectly,  your travel dates or even your destination – it can take hours and ridiculously expensive amendment fees. 

How can you reduce the chance of things going wrong ?

  • If delays are going to cause more than an inconvenience – i.e. lost business – check the airlines record on delays. 
  • If you’re worried about getting details wrong when booking online – then book through a travel agent
  • Booking through a travel agent will also protect you – even if you’re booking a low cost airline such as Easyjet, they will normally include Airline Failure Insurance.

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