More anniversary holiday ideas!

Continuing on the wedding anniversary theme again today!

 Your fourth anniversary has the traditional theme of books, flowers or fruit.  Wide open choice here for gifts!!  However there are plenty of flower themed holidays – the bulbfields of Holland are a colourful choice if your anniversary is in the spring.  Later in the year, Madeira is an island full of flowers.  For long-haul holidays, Japan in the spring with the cherry blossom is particularly spectacular.  Hong Kong’s Flower Market is one of the most colourful street markets with a jungle of exotic blossoms, luck-bringing houseplants and sweet scents to be found in more than 50 shops.

 Wood is the theme for the fifth anniversary – also seen as many couples as the first big milestone anniversary.   For fans of the rainforest – we can offer holidays in most of the world’s major rainforests in the Caribbean and the Far East.  How about the Australian rainforest with luxury lodges and eco-lodges, near white sand beaches and the Great Barrier Reef. 

 Let’s skip a couple of years and take you to the 10th anniversary.  Something special for us as it is the Diamond Jewellery anniversary (my company is Diamond Travel by the way!).  Where to go for this anniversary – there are diamond mines in South Africa, India, Canada, the USA and Australia (among others).  We can organise trips to any of these countries – trips to the mines themselves are rare, for security – but the scenery in all these areas is spectacular!

 For details on any of these trips, please contact us at  – we can make your anniversary trip special and sparkling.

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