More from our Route 66 Road Trip

Day seven, eight and nine. Drove from Tulsa to Amarillo, which we knew would be a long drive. However lots of stops and driver changes made it ok, as did thee scenery and our breaks. We stopped for a break and to see a R66 museum. Then on to Amarillo. Stopped at Fort Reno, which was on the Chisholm Trail – didn’t imagine there could have been a WW 2 Prisoner of War camp there. Stayed 2 nights in Amarillo – the drivers needed a break. Went to the Cadillac Ranch – bit of a disappointment, as there are loads of empty spray cans all over where everyone tags the cars. Weird and wonderful all the same! As we got lost finding it, we found the Visitors Centre and once again, found knowledgeable and friendly staff. She suggested we visited the Peddlars Market there, loads of foods to sample! Also suggested a visit to the palo durowhich we had never heard of. Well, it was certainly worth the detour. Second biggest canyon in the USA, quiet and natural. Hot and friendly once more. Dinner in Amarillo had to be at the big Texan but no-one wanted to try the 72oz steak – the ones we had were plenty big enough. Loads of Texan atmosphere, limos there and back from the hotel. Today we finished crossing the Panhandle and crossed into New Mexico. An hour back on the clock, but so laid back in ambiance. John and I stayed down in town tonight for a couple of beers listening to the music from the Santa Fe Bandstand. Great times!



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