New Package Travel Regulations

It’s a bit of a dry read, I’m afraid – but the Package Travel Regulations (PTR) came into effect at the beginning of July.  It affects what you’ve booked.  TBH, this is something I was conscious of and was already doing.

From 1 July, The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements have changed.    How will this affect your holiday?  In theory, you shouldn’t notice too much difference.  Everything has just been clarified and tightened up for the traveller’s protection.

A Package now means a combination of at least 2 different types of travel services for the purpose of the same trip or holiday. Remember : A flight is not required to create a ‘Package’ – any travel service combined with another travel service will be deemed a ‘Package’ e.g. Rail plus Accommodation.  This really applies when we book the flights and accommodation from different suppliers on your behalf.

What is a Linked Travel Arrangement and how does it differ from a “Package”?   If a customer asks for a flight, the agent sources it, books it and the customer pays for it and receive their documents. But then, without leaving your shop/ending the phone call (as applicable) decides they need accommodation to go with it, which is then booked and paid for separately – this would be classed as a LTA.  The important thing here is that the 2 elements are seen as separate bookings – so they are linked, but not a package.

If you book a flight with me today and then next week, contact me to book accommodation or other elements of a holiday – then this is neither a Package nor a LTA.  All the different elements are completely separate.

If we book the entire package with a supplier who has ATOL Protection, then they cover the package.

Equally as important, to make sure we supply the right holiday for you, we need to know if you have any mobility issues that might affect your ability to board a plane easily or to access your hotel room/apartment or villa?

We will tell you about resort taxes (where we are advised of them) – but it is becoming usual for accommodation throughout the world to charge a local tourist tax.  Some hotels in the USA also impose a charge for other services, sometimes compulsory, sometimes not.

We’ll also have a conversation regards Visas – we can advise if one is needed for your destination and Passport validity (varies from country to country).  Whilst we are unlikely to provide specific advice regarding health (vaccinations etc), we’ll point you towards places that can help.


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