New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions.   Everyone gets bored with their resolutions as they are usually negative themes – i.e. Stop smoking, lose weight, give up alcohol.  How about making them fun and travel-themed!!

Lose weight – what better incentive than to look good in your bikini!  However you can get fit on holiday – plenty of resorts have fitness programmes and gyms.  I’m sure you’ll lose those pounds if you’re relaxed and chilled out on holiday.  Just don’t overdo the food and wine afterwards!!

Improve your finances – OK going on holiday means spending money.  But I can help you maximise your holiday budget.  Looking at unsocial hours for flights and hotels slightly out of resort centres can mean you’ll still be able to take that dream holiday on a lower budget.  I shop around the various tour operators and accommodation providers to get you the best deal.

Get a better or new job – again, if you’re chilled out and relaxed, you can plan your future better.  Being away from your desk or home sometimes helps people get a new perspective on their lives and may help you work out what you want to do next in life.  Remember, it’s often said that “Travel broadens the mind!”

Improve relationships – sometimes a holiday can be make-or-break for relationships.  But if your relationship is worth it, some time alone with each other might make all the difference.

Learn something new – visiting a new destination, trying a new activity on holiday or just doing something on holiday you wouldn’t dream of at home – come home with new knowledge and inspirations!  For example, if you hate museums normally – find one in your holiday destination and really concentrate on exploring it fully.

Volunteer – there are various holidays where you can volunteer for a couple of weeks, making a difference to the lives of others.  Or even easier, means that you can take items of use to local communities near your holiday resort. 

For more holiday ideas or to put your resolutions to the test, just contact Olein at Diamond Travel

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