Well not really – but on Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought I’d check out the locations for the Pirates of the Caribbean films as potential holiday destinations.

According to Wikipedia, Port Royal (where the Governor lives and where Elizabeth meets the pirates at the start of the first film) was a real location in Kingston, Jamaica.  Tour operators don’t offer many holidays in Kingston – but there are fabulous hotels along the coasts in the north and west of the island.

Dominica was used as a location for several scenes in all the films. One of the quieter Caribbean islands, it has unmatched beauty.  With its dense rainforests, magnificent waterfalls and mountainous centre, Dominica will bring out the eco-adventurer in you. The island is still unspoilt, but you can expect the locals to go out of their way to spoil you with the genuine warmth of their welcome and their wonderful hospitality. People come here for the whale and bird watching alone, but it’s also great for diving, hiking and exploring the island’s beautiful interior. (Thanks Caribtours – one of the great tour operators we work with)

Singapore was another location used in 2 films.  It’s international airport was recently named as the BestAirport in the World by Business Traveller – for the 25th year running!  However good the airport is – it’s even better to leave it and explore the fantastic city beyond the runways.  Time has some great ideas for things to do in the city.

No need for eye patches, parrots or bad pirate accents!  Unfortunately I can’t send you on holiday with Johnny Depp either – but you’ll have an unforgettable time anyway if you book with Diamond Travel

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