Cities are great for romance – honestly, you can avoid the traffic and the chaos and find a space just for you. Admittedly, some cities are better than others for romance. This article mentions several cities that will set your hearts racing for all the right reasons.    
Washington DC wouldn’t have immediately occurred to me – but it has parks and cosy restaurants, perfect for walking hand in hand.
Seville in Spain did occur to me however, there’s something about the warm colour of the buildings and lots of sangria to awaken romance!
A riad in Marrakech is always romantic – night-time in a candlelit courtyard away from the hustle and bustle of the city is something special.
Edinburgh is another city with lots of romance – nothing like an attractive man in a kilt!  Again a very walkable city with waterways and hidden treasures.
Read more on the article and let me know where you and your loved one would like to visit
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