Worldwide, travel is a $9trillion industry and while other industries are in recession, travel is in depression with an estimated 197 million jobs expected to be lost by the end of the year. However it’s not all bad news. We’re moving holidays from faraway locations to selected countries in Europe and in the UK. Travel is changing but it doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy our well-deserved time off.

At a recent (virtual) conference, Matthew Upchurch of Virtuoso said. “Many places had been suffering from overtourism, and we were all trying to grapple with that – now we are now in a phase of ‘undertourism’ and governments have a chance to shape how they want their destination to be seen going forward.” Now is maybe the time to explore new and previously undiscovered destinations.

More and more consumers are turning back to travel agents rather than the faceless online booking companies. Travel agents are the ones who’ve answered our phones, held on calls for hours to tour operators to find out information, keeping clients up to date with the latest changes to travel restrictions worldwide, refunding you at the same time as losing any commission we’d made on bookings. We’ll do your boarding passes, your seat bookings and tell you everything you’ll need to know about your destination. We’ll help you choose where to travel to and why this is a good destination for you.

I’ve already signed a letter to Rishi Sunak and Grant Shapps asking them to grant some financial support to the travel industry and not just airlines. The editor of TTG, a major travel trade publication, says “While most other industries have been able to restart, outbound travel was thwarted by the decision to revoke Spain’s travel corridor, which significantly shook consumer confidence. Business for much of the sector is now at a standstill. Ensuring the safety of British citizens is paramount – but the sector needs urgent help from the government if we are to prevent the failure of hundreds more companies, and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Holidays aren’t a luxury! Everyone works hard all year and we definitely deserve our time in the sun. Help us too by signing the letter at


Thanks all!!

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