Slovenia, Slovakia – what’s the difference?

 England play Slovenia on Wednesday at 3pm (just in case you hadn’t noticed).  Slovakia are also in the competition.  What’s the difference between the two – easy to get confused on a hot summer’s day!

 First the similarities – they’re both in Europe and both border Austria. 

 Slovakia is in central Europe however.  Its capital is Bratislava which has become popular for stag parties. You don’t need a visa to visit the country.  One of the main attractions of Bratislava is the River Danube – only an hour upriver is Vienna.  To reach Bratislava, you’ll have to travel with Ryanair from the UK for direct flights.

 What about Slovenia?  Bordering Italy and with quite an Italian influence along the short coastline (only 46km), its capital is Ljubljana.  It’s at the crossroads of Europe – in between the Mediterranean and the Balkans.  Holidays here are varied – beautiful lakes and hotels with great spa facilities, golf and many other activities.  Beach holidays also available in the resort of Portoroz.  Ski in the Slovenian mountains in the winter.

All in all – whether we beat them or not – Slovenia is a great destination for holidays.

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