Slow Travel

We’ve all experienced some kind of annoyingly slow travel at times – ever been on the A303 past Stonehenge?  However Slow Travel is becoming a trend in travel, with deliberate slowing down of the journeys you take.  No traffic jams, no rail delays – just enjoyment of the journey itself.

Lots of ways to enjoy Slow Travel:

  • Stay in one location and use local transport to explore neighbouring towns. I’ve had clients do this in Italy, where they base themselves in a town and use local trains to find gems nearby.
  • Get to know the locals – easiest to do if you stay in a smaller hotel or apartment. Chat to the locals in the butchers, the bakers and the greengrocers.  Ask for their recommendations on what to buy and cook
  • Don’t rush through a country, ticking off as many sights and cities as you can. Concentrate on one city, one location, one way of relaxing and live like a local
  • Walk or cycle where you can on holiday. You’ll see more of the countryside and you can stop for photos, coffee and chats much easier than if you were in a car
  • Hire a canal boat in France and just glide past the sights – slow and relaxed way to see the countryside
  • Slow Travel is all about immersive experiences. There’s a time for the all-inclusive hotel, but definitely a time for the complete opposite experience.
  • To completely experience Slow Travel – turn off your phone, don’t connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and just listen to life around you!

The whole concept of Slow… started in Italy when Macdonald’s opened a restaurant in Rome in the 80s.  The Italians protested against Fast Food and the Slow Food movement started.  As the years have progressed, more Slow activities have arisen.

I’ve got several operators who offer holidays that are perfect for Slow Travellers.

  • Walking in the Venetian Hills. Based in a small town near Padua.  An 8 day walking tour with walks through fields and forests, ancient and historic sites.
  • Cycle from Lake Bled in Slovenia to Italy. Through medieval villages, river valleys and past hilltop castles
  • Cruise the Backwaters of Kerala in Southern India. Learn about tea and spice cultivation
  • Many more available. Just let me know which country you’d like to explore or by with method of transport.

Call or message me for your next Slooooow adventure!

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