11 September 2001– a day that will live in history as one of the darkest we’ve all known. Diamond Travelhad been trading for just 9 months and I was really enjoying the travel industry.  Everything was going well, lots of enquiries and bookings were taking off (excuse the pun!)

Then the world changed in a split second.

Would travel ever be the same again?  Well, yes and no.  Security got tighter, regulations changed regularly – but no-one stopped travelling.  For many people, it’s still a relief when you land safely – but the chances of another attack are remote.

According to Wikipedia – there are 117 deaths per billion journeys for air travellers – much more dangerous to travel by motorbike (1640 deaths per billion journeys).  Probably better to look at deaths per billion kilometres travelling – 0.05 deaths for air travellers as opposed to 109 deaths for motorbike deaths. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airplane#Safety

So it seems to me – better to travel by plane than motorbike!  It’s inevitable that there will be concern after Osama bin Laden’s death.  But as I’ve always stressed to anyone, if we let fear of terrorism win, then they win and we lose.

The old quote of “Lies, damn lies and statistics” might be appropriate here but you can’t argue with the statistics above.  Air travel is overwhelmingly safe – there are checks you can make on your airline’s safety record.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_accidents_and_incidents_involving_commercial_aircraft#2011

So stop worrying – book that flight now!!

PS – did you know we can book all kinds of travel – by rail and sea as well as by air!

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