India is like nowhere else on earth.  Full of chaos, culture older than ours, historic traditions and religions, diverse landscapes and among Britain’s favourite cuisines are a few reasons why it’s a must-visit destination. But there’s far more to India than the obvious.

See the Taj Mahal at sunrise

The beautiful marble of the building reflects the sun – sunrise is special, but so is sunset.  Actually any time of day is a magical time to view the Taj Mahal.  Surely on

Taj Mahalmost people’s bucket lists?



Search for Bengal Tigers

The tiger is an important symbol for India.  Bengal tigers are the most common of all the sub-species of tiger.  Around 2000 of them are in the wild.  The best way to see them is on a safari with expert guides in one of the many tiger reserves around the country.

The food

It is argued that no other country has as wide a range of cuisine as India.  Many dishes that you’ll see in a typical Indian restaurant in the UK aren’t seen in restaurants in India.  So many regional dishes to try,all are delicious, not all are hot and spicy



You can stay in a palace

Many of India’s former palaces (and there are loads!) have been converted into lavish hotels.  The majority have doormen who are dressed extravagantly and love having their photograph taken

Wonderful railway journeys

Almost as iconic as the Taj Mahal – Indian railways are a wonder in themselves.  From the toy train to Shimla, to express trains – an easy and cheap way to explore the country




Watch a game of cricket

A national obsession, passions ignite during matches and you can’t be an impartial spectator.   Local matches or international – makes no difference!


I can help you plan your next trip to India – just call me with your wish list.

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