Wedding anniversary holidays

Don’t you think travel is becoming more challenging as the years go on? I remember my first trip overseas was when I was 15 and took the coach and hovercraft to Paris to stay with a penfriend. Not only first trip, but I’d never met her only by letter (and we didn’t have a phone in those days). Ok just showing my age! But no security, apart from flashing my passport, no CRB checks for me to go and stay 2 weeks with a stranger. I’m sure my parents were concerned but it never occurred to me to be worried.

Ever since then, I’ve loved travelling – and even more when I’m on my own. Time to look around and concentrate on the scenery – both people and buildings, instead of being distracted by having to make conversation or look after children. Now my travel is mainly with the family and I still love it, gives a new dimension to the journey.

Looking at the pattern of travels however these days – people like to travel for a “reason” whether it is a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. So with this in mind, I’ve put together some ideas of anniversary trips based on how many years you’ve been married:

1st anniversary – traditional theme is paper – the Egyptians were one of the first civilisations to make and use paper. We’ve got some great holidays to Egypt – Red Sea resorts are always popular for divers, Nile Cruises to experience the ancient civilisation and architecture with maybe a few nights in Luxor afterwards, Cairo is a bustling and busy city. The Mediterranean coast of Egypt is lesser known for tourism but is starting to appear in UK brochures with resorts such as Alexandria.

2nd anniversary – traditional theme is cotton or straw. Let’s send you to the cotton fields of the southern USA! We’ve got some great prices for Plantation Houses, now converted to beautiful hotels in South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

3rd anniversary – leather is the traditional theme. But crystal and glass are the modern themes. The town of Wattens in Austria is home to Swarovski Crystal and the Kristallwelten (a crystallised fantasy world) is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. With flights into Innsbruck, car hire and hotels booked in advance for you – we can make this a sparkling anniversary!

Whew – I didn’t realise this would be such fun to find anniversary destinations. I’ll post more on this subject soon.

Thanks for reading.

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