What is a staycation?

We’ve heard this term a lot over the past few years.  It looks like many people will be taking a staycation in 2021 again in preference to an overseas trip.  However what is it really?

Some people think it means staying at home and just going out for day trips.  However the dictionary definition expands this more to “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.”

You can take day trips to theme parks, to nearby cities to visit museums and other attractions, take a cruise along a local river.  We’re very lucky in the UK to have so many castles and historic attractions, maybe 2021 is the year to take out a membership with the National Trust or English Heritage to make the most of this.

If you’ve had enough of your own house after lockdown – then it’s time to get out and stay somewhere else for a few days or a couple of weeks.  I’ve got loads of ideas for your staycation (away from home).

The Channel Islands are part of the UK and their vaccination programme is going well – Jersey and Guernsey are the main islands with lots to see on each, plus the best beaches in the world (in my opinion LOL).

Escorted tours may be something you associate with older travellers and this is certainly true, but they are a great way of seeing lots of different places without having to fight for parking spaces and driving yourself.  You also have the benefit of expert guides to help you make the most of every visit and excursion.

Self-catering accommodation is likely to be popular this summer and there is a wide range of properties.  From city centre apartments, to cottages, mobile homes, lodges on land to boats and barges on UK waterways – something for everyone.

Staycations this year will also include cruises – a few cruise lines have announced domestic cruises out of UK ports.  No shore excursions and all passengers will be UK residents, P&O at least require everyone to be vaccinated.  A lovely way to relax, watching the world go by from your sunlounger on deck.

Hotels are doing special offers, some country hotels are offering not just B&B but also afternoon tea or dinner or spa treatments as part of a package.  I can book both hotels and B&Bs to give you a bigger choice.

Wherever you decide to stay, whether you choose to staycation, seavacation (new name for cruises!) or travel overseas – Olein at Diamond travel has thousands of hotels, cottages and other accommodation around the world to meet your needs.  You deserve a fantastic holiday after a year of lockdown and it’s my job to make sure you get it!



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