The last year has changed our views on holidays.  Some people are telling me they are worried about going overseas for some time to come.  Others can’t wait to get on a plane.

However, what happens when you get there may well be different.  It may be the case that masks will be worn in public inside spaces for a long time yet and I doubt that anyone will look at you strangely if you wear one.

Amongst other slight changes I’m expecting to see are fewer open buffets, I would expect a buffet still but one where a server will load your plate for you so that you’re not sharing utensils.  Hand sanitisers have been common on cruises for years, but you’re likely to see more of them in hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

Some countries currently have curfews in place, and they may continue in cities, more than seaside resorts.  There might also be some restrictions on numbers on public transport – so be ready for queues (socially distanced, of course) at bus and tram stops and rail stations.  You may also have to prebook a visit to museums as well as theatres and concerts.

This means more planning in advance.  If you’re taking a city break, in particular – try and book anything you want to do before you leave the UK.

In terms of destinations, the main European resorts and cities will return and be as popular as always.  However, countries on the Red List will obviously take longer to return as destinations for UK travellers.  Many of these countries are destinations for the more adventurous traveller – such as Botswana, Ecuador, Kenya, Namibia, and Peru.  But they will appear on a Green List again one day, but vaccination rates must rise more rapidly.

Once life returns to normal (if you remember what that’s like!), I’d expect when hotels do renovation work that they will make more space for their guests.  Maybe more space in the restaurants, fewer hotel rooms, fewer storeys in hotels (so you spend less time in a lift).  It is likely that because of this, prices will rise. 

What changes do you think will happen because of the pandemic?  Do you agree with my thoughts?

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