Even before Instagram, people were taking photos of sunsets, painting them and just generally admiring the skies.  Usually we do this on holiday, but there is no reason why we can’t enjoy a good sunset at any time.

The website A Gold Lining lists 5 reasons to make time to watch a sunset.

  • Firstly – it will put you in a better mood, and relieve the stress of the working day,
  • Then it will give you a reason to go outside and enjoy the evening air, just stand still, watch and breathe,
  • Take inspiration from the sunset, like poets and writers over the centuries.  This poem really encapsulates a sunset
  • Feel more grateful for the Earth and remember how beautiful our planet is,
  • Finally, it just slows down time. Just stop, watch the colours change and get lost in the moment.

Also think how comfortable it is to watch a fire at home – the same colours are in the sunset.  The sunset bathes the world in a warm glow, the colour orange can be very soothing.

The header image here was taken at Shirley Heights in Antigua, where there is a party every Sunday to celebrate the sunset.

It is also the promise that there will be a good tomorrow – the old saying “Red Sky at Night, Shepherd’s Delight….” always has a positive view.  So sunset is always associated with an upbeat attitude.  Even when life has been tough (especially over the last year), the sun will always set and then rise again!

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