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Quirky cottages
Cottages, but not as you know them! Try a quirky cottage
Not all holiday cottages in the UK have thatched roofs and roses growing round the door!  Some are quirky and
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Malta Holidays
Have a look at this video – Malta is a beautiful island, along with its quieter neighbours Gozo and Comino. 
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Where to travel in 2018?
Countries affected by terrorism in recent years are starting to attract travellers once again, according to figures out from Thomas
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Maldives holiday
Perfect for honeymooners.  Beach villas have private beach access.  They also have  a unique open-air bathroom with a thatched roof bathing
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girl on beach
Family holidays
It’s always been good going on holiday with the family – how many generations can you fit into a villa? 
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Beach Holidays
Most coastlines have beaches – some are sandy, some with pebbles or shingle.  The main thing they have in common
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Eco-friendly holidays
How to have an eco-friendly holiday
It’s hard to ignore the environmental impact that travel has on the planet.   However there are ways to reduce your
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Is a river cruise for you?
Do you think river cruising is for you?  You may think it’s just for older, less mobile holidaymakers.  However that
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Guide to holidays in Antigua
With so many Caribbean islands to choose from, why choose Antigua?  I’ve recently returned from a trip there and I’ve
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Working with local and national charities
Diamond Travel has recently signed up with Work for Good.  This is a way of me giving back, through charity
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