Whether you’re a frequent flyer or about to take your first flight – there are always questions and sometimes nerves about your journey.

My tips –

The best thing is to be prepared.  There are several things you can do in advance to ensure your flight will be comfortable.

Firstly wear loose fitting clothing.  No matter how long your flight, you want to be comfortable, so nothing that will rub or dig in. Wear something you’ll be comfortable in for several hours.  Layers are a good idea.  Temperatures can vary – some flights are very hot and others have the air-con set at a low level.  On long-haul flights, you’ll be given a blanket but unless you’re in a higher flight class, it won’t be that big.  For me, I’m uncomfortable if my feet and shoulders are cold – so socks and a shawl work.  It’s good to take your shoes off on a flight, but remember your ankles might swell if you’re sitting for a few hours, so make sure you can get them back on again comfortably.  Smelly feet are a definite no as well, unpleasant for your neighbours!

Keep hydrated – it’s very tempting to take every complimentary glass or wine or beer that you’re offered.  However remember to drink as much water (preferably more) than alcohol.  Planes can be very dehydrating and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling more awake and refreshed if you’ve drunk lots of water.

Snacks and food on-board – all depends on your airline whether these are complimentary or paid.  You can take your own food on-board with no problem but remember not to put it in a bag in the overhead locker!   Also with food, I usually pre-order a vegetarian meal on a long-haul flight (or one that includes food).  Food for particular dietary requirements is usually served before everyone else’s meal – so it can seem a little fresher.

Sleeping on a flight – TBH, not a problem for me, I can sleep anywhere!  On an overnight flight, try to get as much sleep as you can.  Everyone will be reclining their seats once the lights are dimmed, so don’t worry about disturbing the person behind you (just don’t recline a seat when someone is eating or drinking or it might end up on their lap).  Lack of legroom and not much wriggle room can make for an uncomfortable sleep – try one of the neck-pillows that you can buy.  If your head is supported, it might be easier.

Jet lag – I always change my watch to the time in my destination as soon as I board.  That way I’m telling my brain that we’re already on destination time and surprisingly it works really well.  Mind you, I’m usually travelling westbound from the UK, not sure if it works as well going eastbound from the UK.

Turbulence –  You can’t do anything about turbulence – just ride it out, usually over quickly, even if it feels a bit scary – pilots are hugely skilled at what they do and the aircraft instruments are finely tuned.   Just get comfortable in your seat.

Nerves and travel sickness – talk to your doctor before travelling, they’ll be able to advise.  Many of the long-haul airlines have a programme on their entertainment systems for calming music and meditation.  Definitely try these if it all gets too much.  You might also consider hypnosis if you’re worried about the flight – it works for many people.

I hope these tips help – let me know your best flight tips

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