Holidays for solo travellers

Holidaying alone?  According to Conde Nast Traveller, 75% of Brits have travelled alone or are considering doing so.    Choose your destination carefully – the right place can be wonderful, the wrong place can make for a lonely trip.

Cities can be good to mingle and meet people.  Look at cities like New York, Stockholm and Austin – where you’ll find lots of things to do and places to go.  Adventure travel is something else to consider – with destinations like South America, South East Asia and the Caribbean ideal. 

Try a Festival – there are so many around Europe during the summer.  Activity based holidays are great for solo travellers as conversations will flow as you learn or take part in a skill.

Let’s look at some destinations:

Austin – Texans are friendly and proud of their home.  Our Uber driver in Austin (we visited last year) showed us some good places for live music plus gave us a quick tour of the city centre.  Much of the best eating in town is dished out of food trucks – making it a really casual and friendly destination. 

In South America – Machu Picchu is on so many bucket lists!  If you want to hike there, you’ll need to do it as part of a tour.  If you want to do it by yourself, then take a day trip from Cusco or stay overnight nearby and get a bus.  The rainy season is from October to April, quieter time for tourists but the weather might not be so great.  The Inca Trail itself is closed for the whole month of February to enable maintenance. 

Festivals – everyone loves a festival and they don’t just have to be music and wild dancing.  Very social events and therefore great for solo travellers.  Look for something different, such as the Flow Festival in Helsinki or Fuji Rock in Japan.  How about the Sheffield Documentary Festival for film buffs.  Or Soul Circus in the UK, which bills itself as a yoga and wellbeing festival, but with music after dark. 

Activity holidays – learn something new or improve your skills in something.  Learn to make pasta in Italy, or to paint in France, or yoga on the beach in Morocco. 

Alternatively, if you want the security of being in a group – lots of our suppliers have tours aimed at solo travellers. 

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