Sounds a strange question – but there are lots of different types of tours.  The common theme is that you move on every day or every few days and enjoy lots of different experiences.

  1.  Escorted and coach – here you join a tour at the start of the journey and have a guide or tour manager look after you throughout.  Usually includes visits to museums, monuments and various other attractions.  Often with a theme – such as art, music, history, battlefields etc.
  2.   Escorted and rail – by using a variety of modes of transport, you can see such a lot.  Some rail tours include a guide or tour manager who makes sure you get to the right platform and stand in the right place for your carriage.  They also include visits to attractions as above
  3.  Rail – more tailor-made version of the above.  We can put together a tour for you to include everything you want to do.  For example, a recent rail tour for a client took them from London to Milan, onwards to Florence and Rome and home again via Turin.   I made sure all the connections worked and hotels and other excursions were also included.
  4.   By car – self drive tours are always popular, as they are the most flexible.  See something along the journey that catches the eye – then stop and find out more.  This is a kind of holiday that I love taking myself and have lots of experience in planning these holidays in Europe and the USA.
  5.   On water – a cruise is a tour but not on land.   So many major cities are on rivers and this makes it easy to get around.  No need to pack every couple of days.  River cruises are obviously in smaller ships than ocean going ships which means you get to know everyone on board over your time onboard.  Ocean cruises will take you to places not easily accessible by land.  Norwegian fjords and Northern Lights are a good combination here.
  6. Multi-centre trips.  Difficult to describe but fantastic to experience.  Not all tours happen on coaches only – you might be in smaller groups in 4x4s in a rainforest, or on a kayak along a river.  These are often called adventure holidays but usually involve staying in more than one location.  Often less 5 star and more authentic accommodation
  7. By bike.  Who says you can only tour on a vehicle with an engine!  Cycling holidays are very common in some holidays – cycle through Italian vineyards, through Indochina or Greece.  With a guide or self-guided – the common theme is that you have maps and full information to help you maximise the benefit of the trip plus your luggage goes on ahead to  your next hotel.
  8. On foot.  The oldest way of travelling!  As we become more environmentally conscious, I can see walking and cycling holidays becoming more popular.  Stretch those muscles that get stuck behind a desk for too many hours a day.  As above – you can do this with a guide or just a map, luggage being transferred for you.  Locations can be anywhere across the world – just think of a wildlife walk in Costa Rica, or a walk through Transylvania (looking for Dracula?).  Explore waterfalls and lakes in Norway or see the highlights of Sri Lanka.  Trek through Nepal or Japan.

Don’t worry about being with the group all the time (if you don’t want to) – free time to explore and relax is always built in to the itinerary.  After all, the tour guide/manager also needs some downtime.

Want to know more about a tour that goes to places you want to visit and experiences that you’d like to take part in?  Call 01252519669 or message us

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