Everyone has that perfect trip – it all depends on your interests, who you’re travelling with and the season, amongst other things.  You might have several different travel personalities in a year of several holidays (Oh I wish for more holidays a year!!) Below are some different “personalities” we’ve identified – which is you for your next trip?

  • The Adventurer – do you dream of hiking through the Costa Rica rainforest, discovering the local flora and fauna?  Sitting round the fire with the sunset, before retiring to your tent for a night’s sleep in Botswana?  Adventure can be extreme or comfortable, depending on you.  However the common theme is challenging yourself! 
  • The Chillaxer – the dictionary definition is to calm and relax yourself.  If your work and family life is busy, then you need time to clear your mind and reconnect with family and friends.  This could be on a sun-lounger by a pool or with some spa treatments.  No pressure, no plans, no clock-watching – just pure relaxation. 
  • The Culture Connoisseur – are museums, galleries, concert halls and history what you look forward to visiting on holiday?  Mainly city breaks, but you can find history everywhere – the forests of Cambodia, high in the Andes at Machu Pichu or in the middle of the Australian outback. 
  • The Discerning Traveller – do you like the finer things in life?  Good wine – explore the vineyards of France or the Champagne cellars of Reims.  Tickets for the opera in La Scala, or an out-of-hours tour of a gallery with guides.  All this and more are experiences I can book for you. 
  • The Eco Traveller – climate change affects travel, airlines are working to become more eco-conscious.  However travelling by train has less of an impact on the environment – you can get round Europe easily by train, with the Eurostar from London.  Travel light – try to take hand luggage only, buy local products to support local producers and eat in local restaurants. 
  • The Foodie – talking of restaurants, food is a very important aspect of many holidays.  Whether you want to find Michelin starred restaurants (try Lyon in France for a high proportion of these) or to find new food – try something new.  We discovered stuffed focaccia in Italy this year – ok not Michelin starred, but new to us and absolutely delicious. 
  • The Island Hopper – if you don’t like to be tied to one location on holiday, then how about some island hopping?  The Greek Islands are an obvious choice, but you can do this in the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Maldives and Pacific Islands.  Each island is different, so you’ll experience a new culture each time you get off the ferry or plane. 
  • The Nature Lover – here the list of places you could visit is endless!  From the African savannahs, to glow worms in New Zealand caves, whales and bears in Canada, tigers in India, plus the unique species to be found on the remote Galapagos Islands. 
  • The Nomad – fancy taking a RV across the USA or a campervan along Scottish roads?  Your home is wherever you stop, great for exploring places away from cities where hotels are limited.  Get away from the beaten track. 
  • The Partygoer – Ibiza is party central during the summer, but there are other destinations where you can party the week away.  Koh Phangan in Thailand is well known for the Full Moon Party on the beach – it can get quite wild, so make sure you go with friends and look after each other.  Other party destinations include some Greek islands and Malta.  But also check out Hard Rock Hotels and Virgin Voyages for some newer single centre-based parties. 
  • The Photographer – not just for your Instagram account!  How many sunsets have you taken over the years?  I love photos of arches and alleyways, so my online photo album is full of these.  What’s your album full of? 
  • The Shopper – do you love the discount malls in the USA?  They’re great places for bargains.  Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is a good alternative to Fifth Avenue in NYC.  In Europe, Milan is full of designer clothes boutiques.  But Christmas markets all over Europe are the best places to buy your presents (and enjoy delicious food and mulled wine) 
  • The Sightseer – a bit like the Photographer, do you need good scenery and buildings around you on holiday?  Guides like Lonely Planet and the Eyewitness guides are essentials in your packing.  You feel like your holiday is complete if you’ve ticked off loads of monuments. 
  • The Solo Artist – not everyone can or even wants to travel with a partner, family or friends.  As long as it is safe, travelling by yourself is the perfect way to make sure you’re not doing things to keep everyone else happy.  Your purpose is to do something for yourself.   
  • The Sun Seekers – spending your time on a sun-lounger or enjoying the sun.  Don’t forget the suncream!  Here good books and good music are essential – all can be electronic these days.  No need to take several novels in your suitcase as I used to back in the 80s or so! 
  • The Thrill Seekers – this is one for the adrenaline junkies.  Zip-lining through the rainforest, white water rafting, bungee jumps – make sure you take out suitable insurance however!  There are some great mountain biking routes in Morocco or Tobago – something to consider for the cooler winter months maybe. 
  • The Voyager – take to the seas.  There are so many cruise ships sailing at the moment, but you can enjoy the water without being on a big ship, There are smaller crewed yachts that sail round the Greek Islands.  River cruises are great for travellers who like to sightsee as you’ll stop at various locations along a river, without to pack every night.  Keep in mind, large sailing ships where you can feel the breeze in a more intimate setting than larger cruise ships.  
  • The Weekender – traditionally weekend breaks are in country hotels in the UK or a city break in Europe.  However I’ve noticed over the years that travellers are going further for weekends – Cape Town and Hong Kong as well as east coast US cities were common destinations pre-COVID. 
  • The Zen Master – a holiday is the perfect time to do a reset on your body.  Yoga retreats, wellness experiences, detoxing, spa treatments and massage can bring you to full relaxation, ready to face the world of work on your return from holiday.  I’ve got yoga retreats in several different countries including the UK, Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, Bali, Thailand, Oman, India and many more. 

Have you decided on your travel personality or do you have multiple personalities?   

 Whatever your personality, I can create your perfect trip


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