Activity holidays take many forms.  The perfect holiday is different for every individual and family.  Some like relaxing on a beach or around a pool.  For others, relaxation means trying new activities or doing something that gives them an adrenaline rush.

From something gentle like learning to paint or cook to energetic pursuits, such as kayaking, rock climbing and more.  Cycling holidays are becoming more popular, either with a guide or just with a map.  Your luggage can be taken from hotel to hotel to save you carrying a heavy backpack daily.  Walking holidays work in a similar way, you can do walks in Madeira or the Azores, for example, exploring a different part of the island each day.  Or you could trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, taking 8 days to reach the summit.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your activity to just one on a holiday – a family holiday in Morocco could include riding mules or camels, cycling, walking and experiencing local life.

If wildlife is your passion, one of our tour operators has trips in Africa where you can meet mountain gorillas and other animals (trips endorsed by the primatologist Dr Jane Goodall).  Plus many other trips.

Explore the world by rail – there are some iconic rail journeys in many countries.  The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada takes you through spectacular scenery from the coast to the mountains.  The Trans-Siberian Railway is definitely on my bucket list – from Moscow to Beijing, through Mongolia.  Trains in India are a cultural experience as well as the easiest way to get around this enormous country (always use the services of a porter, they cost pennies but will help local families).  The Toy Train in the Himalayas travelling to Shimla is a reminder of the British Empire (albeit on very hard seats!)  Japan’s bullet train is another bucket list item, connecting Tokyo, Mount Fuji and Hiroshima.  No murders these days on the Orient Express, still travelling between London and Venice.  Lastly, the Blue Train in South Africa is another spectacular journey.

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