A holiday is a perfect opportunity to reconnect as a couple, away from the stresses and strains of daily life.  Every couple is different, but a holiday just for the two of you is not a luxury, it is necessary for your relationship!  I’m no expert, only been married for nearly 32 years to the same husband!  Where can you go to enjoy some good couple time?

While in India a couple of years ago, we visited The Tree of Life Resort and Spa in Jaipur.  They have just 13 villas set in 7 acres of land.   It’s never going to be crowded.  Some villas have their own couples’ spa in the garden – perfect for honeymooners.


Venice is often noted as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.  Relax on the quieter backwaters or early morning in St Mark’s Square before the hordes of tourists hit it.  A gondola ride is expensive, but can you come here and not do it?  Alternatively get a waterbus to one of the outlying islands to look back at the romantic silhouette of the city

Paris has always been the city of love! Probably the easiest foreign capital to reach from the UK.  Start your journey on Eurostar from St Pancras in Premier Class and you’ll have wine served to you with your lunch, always a good start.  The city is busy, but explore the quieter areas of Ile de la Cite or it’s smaller neighbour, Ile St Louis for quirky cafes and walks.

A water villa in the Maldives is perfect for a private retreat – some accessible 

by a walkway, others only by boat.  On stilts in the ocean, sometimes with your own hot tub and an uninterrupted, not overlooked view of the sunset.  You can also stay in water villas in the South Pacific (where they originated) and now in the Caribbean.

Closer to home, a secluded country cottage (within walking distance to a pub or beach), with a log fire and hot tub is many people’s idea of romance.

Wherever you choose, take time for each other!

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