When it comes to travel abroad, sometimes I think we all leave our common sense at home with the warm clothes.  A study has been published today suggesting that two thirds of Brits get some kind of stomach bug while on holiday.  And for 20% of these, the holiday is completely ruined.   We all wash our hands before eating at home – so why not do it abroad?  A lot of the precautions you should use may also help prevent the spread of swine flu!

Most Britons blame their tummy troubles on exotic food, unwashed produce or contaminated water.   

Precautions to reduce the chance of stomach upsets on holiday include washing hands before eating or cooking, peeling fruit and vegetables, avoiding ‘buffet’ style foods and uncooked shellfish and using bottled water for drinking, washing food and brushing teeth.

If you know that you’ve had a stomach bug on past holidays, then take steps to ensure you’re going to be less vulnerable this year.   Some people say that using pro-biotic yoghurt drinks etc might help, if taken for a while before you go. 

I got this information off the Times Travel website – http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/news/article6725131.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=1491494

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