With so many Caribbean islands to choose from, why choose Antigua?  I’ve recently returned from a trip there and I’ve found loads of reasons to choose this island for your next holiday

(in no particular order)

  •  The island has 365 beaches, some are accessible only by boat.  You can feel like you’re on your own desert island!
  • Shirley Heights is the place to see the sunset.  We were there on Sunday evening for the BBQ and music.  A steel band played as the sun dipped below the horizon and a reggae band took over after that.  Definitely a party place. 
  • As a British naval base during the early 19th century, there’s a lot of history to explore.  Forts on high points (including Shirley Heights) have fab views as well.
  • There are some beautiful hotels on the island – we stayed at Blue Waters on the north coast which is about 15 minutes from the airport.  Nothing is a big distance – Shirley Heights is the furthest away and took us about and hour to drive home after partying.  All the hotels sit on white sand beaches, and are mainly located on the west and south of the island.  
  • St John’s is the capital with a population of around 22,000.  Total island population is around 90,000.  It’s a quiet town, with some tax-free shops mainly aimed at cruise passengers.   Cruise ships call in a couple of times a week during the peak season.
  • It’s hot – we were there in the last week of September and the weather rarely dropped below 30 degrees during the day.  The occasional shower overnight keeps the island green.  Daytime showers last a few minutes.  Temperatures are consistent throughout the year.  The island does lie within the hurricane belt, but it is less likely to be hit.  The last hurricane to hit the island was in 2017 (Irma) and this caused some damage

So if you’re looking for a relaxing, laid-back holiday – Antigua is the place for you.  There are some activities – jeep safaris, catamaran trips, helicopter tours of Antigua and the neighbouring island of Montserrat.  On the whole however, it’s a place to recharge your batteries and relax.

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