Diamond Travel has recently signed up with Work for Good.  This is a way of me giving back, through charity donations.  Every time a client books with me, I’ll make a donation to the charity of your choice or one of our default charities.  It costs you nothing, but will all add up to something good for charity.  Every month, I’ll choose up to 5 charities that I’ll be promoting for your support.  I’ll always include 2 charities that are close to my heart – one is The Vine Centre in Aldershot which helps the vulnerable in our community and the other is the MS Society in memory of my sister-in-law.

When you place an enquiry with me, I’ll tell you how much I’ll donate once you book and the charity choices for that month.  If you want to support another charity, that’s no problem.  Just check the link that I’ll send you for Other charities that are signed up to Work for Good.  My aim is to donate £1500 over the next year.  I hope you’ll help me achieve this goal.  The higher your booking value, the more I’ll donate.

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