Day one of our Route 66 Road Trip. I’ll be posting throughout our trip. Started the day way too early and got to heathrow before our allotted time for the meet & greet pickup. Very efficient service then in to the terminal for bag drop. Took a while because of special assistance, but got there in the end. Straight through security then up to the No 1 Traveller Lounge. Nice to have breakfast as we wanted with unlimited refills of tea, coffee and juice. Relaxed on sofas before our flight. Again fast tracked onto the plane. Neat wheelchair for Sharon to get her to the seats. Very fetching flight compression socks fitted to all, not without some discomfort! Plenty of food and drink on board, and ice creams! Watched Django Unchained – excellent. Starting to read but keep getting distracted. Really annoyed that I forgot to bring the iPad charger, but I’m sure Apple have a shop where I can buy one!
Later that night! Bought a charger. We had a supper in a local tapas bar – not really supper though as it was late afternoon. Les and Sharon came back to their room as they were exhausted. John and I wandered round a bit, found a bar showing sports, had a beer then came back also

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